Book Review | Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

1.5/5 Stars

15 year old Mirabelle has always been the ‘good girl’. Always listening to her godmothers, and always obeying their strict but loving rules. However, one rule leaves her rebellious. She is not allowed to go to the town where her parents died. Mirabelle takes off to her birth place, Beau Rivage, hoping to have some closure. But soon she becomes caught up in a whole different world, a fairytale world. Not only that, but two differentiated brothers are both eyeing her as well…

Oh my god, I think that was the most cheesiest synopsis I have ever written in my life, ever. I can’t even take this book seriously. As you can see by the 1.5/5 stars, I simply did not really like this book. I checked on Goodreads, and the overall rating was 4/5 stars, so I’m guessing that a lot of people disagreed with me. However, I’ll give you my review on this novel.

Let us start off with the characters. I hated Mirabelle. And since she was the main character, that was a bit problematic. But seriously, all she did was contradict any advice she gave all the other characters. I did not like her personality, and the way she fell in love with Felix was too quick and foolish (seriously, how did she know she was in love after like 2 hours of knowing him). The only character I did like was Blue, even though towards the end he became too stereotypical jerk-nice guy (you know what I’m saying?). I liked Freddie as well, but I feel like the author didn’t really give him a place in the story, I don’t know, it seemed like she focused too much on the love triangle which I will talk about next.

Why are love triangles so popular? I don’t get it. They rarely occur in real life. If you like the person you’re dating, you won’t be going off looking at another guy. And if  you are, then maybe you should consider dumping the other guy. The love triangle in this novel was between Felix, Mirabelle, and Blue. I honestly think had there not been a love triangle, I might have enjoyed this book. I mean, the premise is great; a fairytale town with cursed people? How awesome does that sound? But as soon as you throw in REALLY OBVIOUS LOVE TRIANGLE THAT REALLY DOESN’T NEED TO BE THERE, the story…dies.

Again, I feel like the plot would have been a lot better if there wasn’t a love triangle, or at least a less obvious one. Between two brothers for goodness’ sake! Why not have brothers who are actually brotherly towards each other.

So this was my review, although it seems a lot more like a rant. This was just my opinion, and if you think otherwise, that’s completely fine!


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