Book Review | Allegiant by Veronica Roth

2.5/5 stars

The faction based society where Tris Prior grew up in is now gone. Instead it is replaced with a world where everyone is struggling for power: the factioned, the factionless, and even the Divergent. Tris is selected with a selective group to explore the world outside her contained society. At first, everything is wonderful; she even begins to wonder if her and Tobias could build a life together. But soon truths are exposed, lies are revealed, and Tris learns the consequences of the bitter truth. In the final instalment of the Divergent trilogy, Veronica Roth ends with a bang.

Personally, I feel like the quality of the novels went down as they got published. Divergent in my opinion was the best one by far, with Insurgent as a close second. But Allegiant…

One of the things that I love about the Divergent trilogy is Tris. For some reason, I usually dislike the female protagonists of novels, I’m not really sure why. But I’ve always loved Tris ever since the first book. In Divergent we got to see her evolve from this composed Abnegation girl to a fierce Dauntless. Throughout the novel and Insurgent as well, we got to see her grow as she experienced horrible things. We got through her struggles together, and saw how well she handled herself. However, in Allegiant, she seems perfect, as if she knows everything. And somehow, she is right about everything. Now, I’m not saying that I hate Tris, but I am saying that I greatly preferred her in the previous books.

Another thing I disliked was the plot. Not necessarily what happened exactly, but the pacing of it. To put it without spoilers, there was a lot of information dumping, and it just didn’t work, especially since this was the last book. With all that information, I feel like we would have benefitted greatly with a fourth book.

Something that is different about Allegiant compared to its predecessors, is that it is told in dual perspectives; Tris and Tobias. Of course, we are used to Tris’ perspective, but Tobias was something new. There are novellas/short stories out from Tobias’ perspective, but is haven’t read them, and after reading the novel, I’m not sure I want to. Again, I loved Tobias’ character, but in this book…I just didn’t feel it. First of all, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between the voices of Tris and Tobias, because the only clue is the chapter heading. The writing style pretty much stayed the same, so you had to guess who was who by figuring out where they were and who they were talking to. I guess I was just annoyed with Tobias’ character in this novel, because he was always not only doubting himself, but Tris as well. He was trying to build trust with Tris, but couldn’t even trust himself.

The writing style was smooth and beautiful as always, but I feel like the plot took away from it. It was choppy and chaotic, and sometimes you had to sit back and let everything that happened sink in. It was either really slow or really fast, and overall not the best reading experience.

Overall, I gave it a 2.5 stars because although the plot wasn’t the greatest, the background characters were consistent, and the writing did make me root for the characters.


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