Book Review | The Selection by Kiera Cass

2/5 stars

America Singer is given the opportunity of a lifetime: compete against 34 other girls to become the wife of the next in line for the throne, Prince Maxon. Every girl is delighted, and why wouldn’t they be? Some of them, including America, had grown up in the lower class levels (castes), and just the fact that they were a candidate would improve their lives dramatically.

However, just one problem. America is already in love. She doesn’t want to marry the prince, she wants to marry her childhood friend, Aspen. But Aspen is in an even lower caste than her, which proves to be problematic. Prince Maxon makes his intentions clear, but what will America choose?

Gosh, I don’t even know where to start with this book. A lot of people both on Tumblr, and YouTube, have been raving about this book, which is why I finally decided to pick it up. I don’t think I’ve ever been more annoyed by a character in my life, besides maybe Clary. America Singer is definitely one of my least favorite characters of all time.

It was mostly the fact that she thought of herself as so unique from the others. And yeah, she was. But guess what America, everyone’s unique. She was very self-righteous for treating her maids like people. Like…no, America, it doesn’t make you a nice, it just means you’re treating them humanely. Not only that, but she thought that not “putting on pounds of makeup” like Celeste made her less fake, and a better person. News flash America, just because you like wearing makeup doesn’t make you any less of a person.

In my opinion, the characters were just too cookie cutter and plain. There was America, the girl who stays true to herself who isn’t “fake” like everyone else. There was Maxon, the shy, sweet boy, who thought everyone was a jerk but is actually really nice. Then there’s Celeste the bitchy mean girl… The characters were nowhere near developed enough for me to sympathize with any of them.

Perhaps it was the writing that set the whole tone. Though it flowed nicely, and it wasn’t too choppy, it was too direct. Nothing was really implied, or insinuated, it was more “feel it, say it”, which doesn’t happen in real life. Also, there wasn’t a lot of description, which sort of distanced me from the setting and what was going on in the novel.

The only reason that I gave this novel a 2/5 is because I liked the premise. 35 girls competing for 1 prince? Sounds juicy. I also liked the fact that it was girls competing, because in a lot of fairytales and myths, it’s the boys who try to win the princess’s heart.

Overall, it was a quick easy read, which was good because I don’t think I could have handled America longer than an hour.


2 thoughts on “Book Review | The Selection by Kiera Cass

  1. I’ve been recommended this by a few people and like you see it all over tumblr and goodreads etc. Thanks for your review! I’ll still read it but you’ve given me slightly lower expectations which can be a good thing with this kind of novel! 🙂 Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised! If you like the idea of girls being a part of competitions you might enjoy Throne of Glass if you haven’t read it already? It’s a different kind of competition but still… If you’re interested I wrote a review of it recently.

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