Harry Potter, Skits, and an Engagement

It is currently 11;45 pm at night, and I am still shaking from all the emotions that have run through me tonight. The only way to tell this story however, is to start from the beginning.

So there we were, my best friend and I, just coming out of dance class. On the way to her house, we blasted some Mariana’s Trench music, and we reminisced to back when we went to their concert (and met them!!!). That started the emotional rollercoaster.

After we made a quick stop at her house to change out of our dance clothes, we started onto our final destination. Our high school. Where we were going to attend Harry Potter Sketch Night. Basically my drama teacher put together this night where the drama kids, and anyone who wanted to, could produce a little skit/sketch related to Harry Potter in anyway at all.

My group did something called “Ollivander’s Shop”, where we made Ollivander gay, Draco a little brat working there, and dementors out of black garbage bags and silly straws. Oh and a vacuum was used. Overall, it was just a funny sketch making fun of Harry Potter, but in a loving way of course.

There were other sketches as well, such as a Dance Off between Gryffindors and Slytherins, and a Date Night, where two witches went on a date with Muggle boys. It was a hilarious night, but with my friend playing the Harry Potter score in between sketches on her flute, it just made me miss Harry Potter and those memories associated with it so much.

But wait, I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. The last thing was Harry Potter pick up lines, and people from the audience were picked to read one off a piece of paper on the stage. My favorite one was “If you were a dementor, I’d want to be arrested just to have your kiss”, and my drama teacher said, “Wow, Ari melted for that one,” infront of everyone, and it was mildly embarrassing, but what can I say, I love Harry Potter, and I love pick up lines.

My art teacher was the last one to say his, and he walked right up to his girlfriend, and said it, and then carried her down to the stage… and proposed. I knew about it for weeks, but I was still so overjoyed and cheerful and happy and overwhelmed…! I knew if someone did that for me I would marry them right on the spot, like yes please. I was given roses beforehand to give to my art teacher, and he passed them to his now fiance!

Overall it was a great night, and so magical for so many reasons. I just wanted to share this wonderful story with you, and save it for myself for later in life.

Harry Potter Forever bitches.


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