4/5 stars

Guess who just came back from BOTFA? Guess who cried four times? Guess who wants to have a marathon of the LOTR trilogy, right now? The answer to all those questions, is me. (this post is going to be a little messy and all over the place)

Now, you have to understand, for me, the Hobbit trilogy as a movie franchise, will never live up to the LOTR trilogy. The Hobbit, as written by JRR Tolkien, is actually one of my favorite novels, above LOTR. There’s something about it, maybe it’s the high fantasy quality in a light hearted book, that makes it one of my favorites. That being said, that kind of lead to my disappointed towards the adaptation.

Peter Jackson’s take on the adaptation didn’t really fit what I thought the Hobbit was going to be about. To me, the Hobbit is something that mixes high fantasy and children’s fantasy beautifully. The movies, portrayed them like they were part of the LOTR trilogy. And I understand that it is a prequel, but it felt like there wasn’t anything particularly unique about these films.

However, as you can tell from the 4 stars, I did enjoy this film, and I will get right on to telling you why. (Spoilers ahead!)

Starting straight from the beginning, it doesn’t really have any introduction… It gets straight into the action, so if you hadn’t watched the Desolation of Smaug in a while (like me), it can be a little disorienting. It took me a little bit to get into the movie. Smaug was killed in the first 20 minutes I’m pretty sure, and it was a little…sudden? Like why was he even in there if that was going to happen so quickly. I understand it was to end on a cliffhanger, but I wish they’d made it into two films instead of a trilogy.

Martin Freeman as Bilbo is my favorite thing. He did an excellent job portraying his character, and the tone of his character was what I sort of imagined him in the novel. Bilbo was a good comedic break between the many fight scenes, and gave my brain a chance to process what had happened. I just wish that there had been more of his character! He doesn’t have a lot of screen time, and I would have enjoyed watching more scenes that he was a part of.

As everyone knows, Legolas was not originally written in the Hobbit by Tolkien, but was added by the request of Peter Jackson. Legolas was so badass in this movie, holy crap. I found a YouTube comment and I have to add this in here:

In other words, Orlando Bloom portrayed Legolas so kickass, and I very much enjoyed it. There was a slight problem I had with his character, and that was his relationship with Tauriel. He knew that she liked Kili, and in my mind, Legolas wouldn’t keep pursuing a woman who already loves someone else. But that’s just my two cents.

Speaking of Tauriel, her and Kili’s relationship became more realistic in this film. In DOS, it seemed so awkward and forced, but in this movie, something clicked, and worked. Evangeline Lily was also very kickass in this film, although towards the end when Kili died, it turned a bit cliche. But hey, we all need a bit of cliche in our lives.

Can we talk about how Azog died?!

When Thorin toppled him over into the water, and underneath the ice, there was half a millisecond where I believed he was dead. But there was no way he could be dead that easily. As Thorin slowly followed Azog’s movement through the ice, I was thinking “Shit, shit, shit, shit”, and my friend was like “Just get out of there!!!” Azog’s eyes closed, and we all knew he was still alive. But let’s not forget how Thorin got stabbed, and then stabbed Azog straight through.

When Bilbo found him half-dead, I started crying. They had gone through so much together, and even when Thorin had been suspicious of all the others, he had always trusted Bilbo. My heart collapsed inside my rib cage when Thorin’s eyes glazed over, and his head feel back a little; we all knew he was dead. But it was Bilbo’s reaction that made me cry so hard. The way he denied that Thorin was dead and pointed up to the sky talking about the eagles. I have emotional scarring from that.

Lee Pace as Thranduil is the reason I wake up in the morning. The way he portrayed him was incredible, and I couldn’t imagine a better Thranduil. He was also very badass in this film, riding a freaking elk like creature. I want it. When he told Legolas to find the man who calls himself Strider, my friend and I were freaking out. I loved how they added in little references to the LOTR trilogy. Not only is it like a little inside joke, but it makes marathoning all six movies a little smoother. (As soon as the DVD is out, I’m having a marathon. Anyone want to join?)

Overall, there were many tears shed, and although it wasn’t what I expected, it was a good end for the Hobbit trilogy. It’s sad to think that you won’t see any Tolkien movies in the theaters anymore. This is the last one… It’s like Harry Potter all over again.

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