Book Review | DOROTHY MUST DIE by Danielle Paige

4.5/5 stars

Sure, we all know the story of Dorothy. She gets caught up in a cyclone, kills a witch, goes to Oz while making some friends, and then goes back home to Kansas. But we don’t know what happened after. We don’t know that Dorothy came back. We don’t know how sideways the land of Oz has turned. Amy Gumm gets transported to the land of Oz in a similar fashion that Dorothy did. But she doesn’t have the same experience at all, no way. She is recruited by the Order of the Wicked with one mission in mind: Dorothy must die.

I received this book as a gift for a Secret Santa book exchange, and I had been wanting to read it for a while so huge thanks to my Secret Santa for sending this to me! As by the rating, you can tell that I really did enjoy this book a lot. I love the original The Wizard of Oz and this novel really went its own way beautifully. It’s funny and witty, as well as twisted and gory – it’s the perfect mix.

The pacing of this novel is really quick, with enough slow parts in between so that you don’t feel too rushed. The beginning was the slowest part, as there was a lot of setup needed. The world is beautifully created, linking elements from the original story and Paige’s own twist.

One of the problems that I had with this novel is that Dorothy’s outfit upon appearance is described as “somewhere between haute couture and French hooker”. I’m getting really sick of having girls be described as fake because of how they dress. You can be sexy AND smart. You can be sexy AND kind. These things aren’t mutually exclusive.

This was book was in Amy’s POV, and that statement above made me kind of annoyed at her. Until about halfway through the book, I found Amy a little pretentious until I finally warmed up to her. The rest of the characters I found to be very well characterized, and could easily imagine them as real people. The constantly repeated phrase “Don’t trust anyone, including me” left an air of suspense and intrigue upon everyone, because who could you trust? Who actually had Amy in their best interest?

Overall, I loved this book. I had to force myself to stop reading, so I could enjoy the book for longer. It’s a wonderful blend of action and magic, and just a hint of romance, and I would recommend this novel to any fantasy lover or Oz fanatic.


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