15 Things That Make Me Happy

I saw that Jenny from Jenny In Neverland did this post, and I really liked the idea of it, so I decided to do it as well. I’ve been feeling kind of down lately, and I feel like this post is a good way for you to get to know me, and also for me to remind myself of the things worth living for. This is in no particular order, just written down the way they pop into my head.

1. Books

Is this a surprise? If it is, you might be on the wrong blog…

2. Music

Music is so important to me, and it’s a constant in my life. I’m a classical musician, trained in piano and cello, but I’m an avid fan of screamo, pop punk, punk rock, and pop music. If I have my earphones in you can bet that I’m listening to bands. Some of my favorites are Mayday Parade, Simple Plan, You Me At Six, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Falling In Reverse.

3. Netflix

I am in love with Netflix. So much so that I make time for it every day nearly. The idea of having whole series and movies in one device…magical.

4. Movie Theatres

As much as I love curling up in my bed with coffee and popcorn, I love love love going to the movie theatre, especially when it’s the opening night. The smell of popcorn is just heaven to me, and watching and experiencing the same emotions as others in the room with you is an experience unlike any other.

5. Food

Eating is a great joy in my life. In the past I struggled with an eating disorder, and I’m fully recovered from it, which allows me to experience food with a lot of happiness. My brother is an amazing cook, and he always makes me nice dishes when I’m too lazy to make my own food. I don’t know what I’m going to do without him when I go off to college next year.

6. Creating

Whether that’s art, writing, music, graphics, I just love to create things. I’m not the most creative, not the best artist or musician, but it relaxes me, and brings me closer to the things that I love.

7. Dance

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog before, but I’ve been dancing since I was six, and still am. Dance is just an easy way for me to forget about my problems and focus on one thing. Also, it’s a fun way to stay fit.

8. Photography

Not just mine, but looking at others’ photography as well. Nature landscapes of beautiful places are my favorite, and photos of tattoos are always very interesting to see, as I want to get a tattoo in the near future.

9. Friends

Friends are very important to me, and lately I’ve been trying to cut the toxic people out of my life, and the end result has been looking a lot brighter.

10. Feeling Successful 

This is one feeling I need to have in my life. If I don’t have any successes for a long time, even just stupid ones like beating a level in a game, I just get very disappointed in myself. I’m kind of pathetic in that sense, haha, but I’m working on it.

11. Being Organized

Nothing gives me a better high than when my agenda is all planned out in my planner, and I have everything under control. Please note that this happens quite rarely. Usually everything is just a mess and I try and remember everything I have to do. Definitely not the best method.

12. Nothing Days

Every week, usually Saturdays, I give myself a day where I can do nothing and not feel guilty about it. I find that this really helps me relax and not procrastinate when I actually am working.

13. Finishing Something I Started

I guess this sort of ties in with feeling successful. I love the feeling when I finish something, like a piece of artwork, or my classes.

14. Singing In The Car

Do I even have to explain this? Just driving and singing in the car at the top of your lungs. Best feeling ever.

15. The Internet

I am so thankful that the internet was invented. Without it I wouldn’t be able to post on this blog, and just overall, it’s exposed me to things I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Tumblr and Instagram are my worst time wasters, but I’ve met some wonderful people on there.

Being happy is such an important thing, and I think taking a step back and just looking at the little things that make you happy is a good thing to do. May your 2015 be filled with happy days!



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