Disney has changed a lot lately. And in my opinion, the shows have become less and less entertaining. In my region of Canada, we don’t really have the “Disney” channel, but we have the Family channel, where they mostly play Disney shows. I still occasionally watch this channel, because it doesn’t have ads in between. It’s perfect for watching when you’re waiting for the ads to end on the show you’re actually watching.

And the Disney shows now-a-days just aren’t the same. So I decided to share my favorite shows back when I was a kid.

1. Suite Life on Deck and Suite Life with Zack and Cody

Oh man, this show brings me so much nostalgia… especially Suite Life of Zack and Cody. And all the cast members have grown up so wonderfully and even though they’re all a couple years older than me, I feel so proud of them.

2. Wizards of Waverly Place

If you watched one of the earlier episodes and then the later episodes, you can see how much they’ve grown/changed and it’s so crazy! I remember not really liking the last season, but I can’t remember why exactly… Maybe the excessive romantic triangles? But I still hold this show dear in my heart.

3. That’s So Raven

Is this on Netflix? Because I have the really strong urge to marathon it. This show sent so many important messages out while still being hilarious and entertaining. And I think more shows should try and emulate that. I read that Raven actually got into art school recently so congratulations to her!

4. Cory in the House

This was a spinoff of That’s So Raven, so of course it was good. I remember Family Channel would run marathons of this show like every weekend because it was ending. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every single episode because of that. And hey, I’m not complaining.

5. Hannah Montana

Who didn’t watch Hannah Montana? I used to love that show, and Miley’s hair? It was to die for. Plus, I think a lot of us would want a double life, with one being a famous celebrity.

What were your favorite Disney shows? Comment below!


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