Book Review | DAUGHTERS OF SHADOW AND BLOOD -BOOK 1: YASAMIN by J. Matthew Saunders

5/5 stars

Mixing the worlds of fiction and reality, Saunders brings a vampire thriller that blurs the line between religion and the supernatural. The dual plot follows the story of Yasamin, a young women who was forced into an arranged marriage. It is 1599, and there is no one she can trust. Centuries later, Adam Mire uses his deceased friend’s copy of Dracula to follow the clues, which lead to a medallion that everyone seems to be looking for. It all leads to Yasamin and the secrets of her past. With stunning prose, Saunders weaves a tale that seamlessly incorporates action and mystery.

First of all I would like to thank Netgalley and St. George’s Press for sending me an ARC of this novel. The publication date is May 3, 2015. (PS isn’t the cover just gorgeous? I’m not usually one for faces on the cover, but this one is so striking)

I loved the way the book was formatted. It jumped from different plot lines and timelines, but somehow, it still made sense. Everything was meticulously laid out, so there was no chance of becoming lost in the jumble of different characters and stories. Being able to look at the different story lines helped create a more deeper understanding of what was going on, and the world of which they lived in.

Saunders’ writing style also helped with that. Each character had their own distinctive voice, while still in the same tone, so it was easy to recognize which plot line it was without whiplash. His writing style just absorbs you, and you get sucked in the world, and you can almost see the shadows that he writes about.

With the multiple plot lines, you’re introduced to a variety of characters. My favorite would have to be the main protagonist, Adam Mire. I liked that he was just an ordinary guy that got caught up in everything. But he wasn’t totally helpless, he was able to use his head, and he didn’t annoy me like a lot of protagonists do.

I also love that Yasamin was probably the biggest antagonist. Yet, she had her own story line, and we learned about her history, so that we could sympathize with her. Adding humanity to her character just made the book for me.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this novel, and if you’re a fan of action and mystery with a dash of the supernatural, I would definitely recommend this.


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