Hi, I’m Caesaria (Ari for short), and this is just a blog for all the various movies and books I watch. I am OBSESSED with Netflix, and since I have trouble sleeping, I find that watching an episode of something before bed really relaxes me enough to sleep.

Outside of school (I’m a senior), I take dance, and cello lessons, both of which I love very much, and cannot live without. I plan on pursuing a Bachelors of Media and then even further along in the future, a degree in law. So I have the next seven years set up for me, though I’m not sure what’ll happen after that.

I also have an interest in film, and want to pursue a hobby or maybe even a career with something involving the film industry.

I guess you could say I have too many things that I like and not enough time to do them. Especially with calculus homework every night, agh.


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