MY OTP’S | Top Five Fridays

So, as you can probably tell from the theme of this blog, I’m a pretty avid reader. I like to get sucked into different worlds, and the lives of characters, and with that, comes the love interests. When I get really into a book or TV show, you can pretty much bet that I am shipping the hell out of someone. The following list is in no particular order. (this is kind of spoilery if you haven’t been caught up!)

1. Bellarke from THE 100

They aren’t canon, and honestly, I’m kind of okay with that. The 100 is an amazing show, and even though I ship these two so freaking hard, if they never make it canon, I’ll understand because they have awesome friend chemistry as well.

2. Mindy and Danny from THE MINDY PROJECT

Manny? Dandy? I’m not sure what the official ship name is but oh my god, these two are so cute together, and if you disagree… you’re wrong.

3. Wicken from THE 100

I’d say these two are pretty canon. And let me say: Wick is so much better for Raven than Finn ever was. You can tell that he actually loves her, and they can relate and banter with each other, and it’s just great ah.

4. Percabeth from PJO/HOO

I mean come on…. how could I not put Percabeth on this list? *forever shipping Percabeth even though everyone classes Riordan books as ‘childrens books’*

5. Harvey and Donna from SUITS

I love this show and I love these two and their dynamic. I’m apprehensively waiting for the next season to come out because of that VERY UPSETTING ending!!

What are your favorite ships? Comment below!



I decided to make my TFF’s every other week instead of every week so that the ratio between my actual blog posts and these posts wouldn’t be too overwhelming.

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix lately (…and I mean a lot) and I decided to make a post on my five most recent watches, since I have no self control and all I do is watch Netflix.

1. Sword Art Online

I really really liked this show, and something that happened with the characters made me kind of turned off by it? Like it’s nothing terrible like racism or sexism or anything like that, but the character development annoyed me. I might continue watching, but I’ll probably take a break from this show.

2. The Mindy Project

I cannot explain my love for this show. I’m still on season one, but if you’re looking for a light, super funny show with a group of diverse characters this show is for you. I feel like anyone can find a character to relate to in this show. Watching this also made me really want to pick up Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

3. The 100

I’d seen this show on Netflix for a while, but it wasn’t until a friend told me to watch it that I actually did. At first, I hated the show, and I asked my friend why he liked it so much, but as I kept watching, the show go better and better and now I’m hooked. Also, Bob Morley is in it, and can I just say sex god.

4. Black Butler

I started reading the manga last year I believe, and when I saw it on Netflix I decided to give the anime a try. I love the story line, it’s definitely really interesting, but I’m not too invested in the characters.

5. Gossip Girl

I still haven’t finished this show and I started way before the summer! But I feel like after a marathon of Gossip Girl, I have to take a break because it gets repetitive after a while. I definitely will be having one this weekend though.

What are your most recent Netflix watches? Comment below!